STUCK on a Trip
because of a flat tire?

Are you stuck on the side of the road in Mount Holly, NC with a flat tire, and you need some roadside assistance as soon as possible? You need a top quality roadside assistance service to help you with that flat tire, and you need it quick right?

The things we do best

We specialize in trailer tire repair and mobile tire repairs so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Wherever you are, we will come to you and provide quick and effective roadside assistance at any time of the night or day.

Quick Support

We believe in treating our customers fairly because we want your business now, and far into the future. With competitive rates and fast service, we’ll give you the best value for your time and money. Anytime Anywhere!

Mechanical Failures

Got a problem with your tires? We’ve got you covered. We know what we are doing, and we are dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Customer Satisfaction

We can provide you with a very satisfactory work that is done right the first time! Let us handle all of the stress during a tire failure! We will get you back on the road AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Norris Trailer and Tire Repair keeps your vehicle running in top condition with new tires and used tires perfectly selected for your particular vehicle and needs. Our tire shop will also make sure your tires are working perfectly with tire rotation and wheel alignment services so that every aspect of your tires are working exactly the way they should be. We eliminate the need to search for a conventional tire shop and the time spent driving to the shop and waiting to be serviced. Our mobile tire service makes life more convenient.

Our mobile tire technicians will repair your flat tire and can install new tires upon request. It only takes about a minute to make the call. Our service trucks have some of the latest tire repair and tire installation equipment to provide you with the best tire road service in Mount Holly.

Let our team get you back on the road as soon as possible. Call our team to repair your flat tire on-site.

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We use our own mobile truck mechanics and repair shops to assist truckers in need of roadside support. When you need an emergency tire repair service, trust Norris Trailer and Tire Repair to assist you. We help truck drivers get back on the road fast.


When a tire unexpectedly goes flat and makes your vehicle impossible to drive, the cost of being towed to a garage can be astounding. At Norris Trailer & Tire Repair, we provide heavy-duty mobile tire service which enables us to tend to your problem when and where you find yourself stranded. Our roadside assistance can save you the time and money of being towed into a shop. Contact us for additional information about our heavy duty mobile tire service.